4 Ways You Can Use Texting to Recruit New Employees

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The recruiting process to get the best employees for your business is competitive. Solid 


communication between recruiters and potential employees is essential. While emails and phone calls are still useful, adding in the ability to text message will helps streamline communication. When you want great employees, your relationship starts before the final offer to hire is made. Use text messaging to communicate quickly, and send out requests for additional paperwork if you need it.


Be Quicker than the Competition

Your recruitment strategy should be fast and efficient. When you don't want to lose the perfect job candidate to your competition, you have to speed up your recruitment process. When you implement SMS texting to communicate, this ensures that you will be able to reach potential candidates almost instantly. Texting is fast, easy, and a great way to communicate when you want to gather information. Get your applicants ready for an interview by gathering paperwork through text messaging, and coordinate the interview time through text messages.


Don't Overwhelm Job Seekers with Messages

While the open rate for text messages is around 98%, this doesn't mean you need to send out messages all the time. Be selective when it comes to the text messages you send out, or you will find your list of subscribers dwindle quickly. People want to learn about great opportunities through text messages, but they don't want to be bothered all the time by useless texts. Be clear about what you want to offer in your message, and always make sure to identify your company in the text.


Get Your Website Mobile Ready

If you are going to use text messaging to gather information from potential recruits, you have to make sure your website is mobile ready. When you send a link to a recruit to visit your website for more information, you want to be sure that they can review the information on their mobile device. Many people will try to access your website using a mobile device, so it's important to be ready for the website traffic you will receive.


Make it Easy to Apply for a Job

Your first goal is to get recruits you are interested in to register to your database. When you create a form that is optimized for use on mobile devices, you can ask a few basic questions to get your applicant started. When you make the initial process easy, this gives recruits a positive first experience with your company. If you want to learn more about the recruit, you can send out follow up texts to gather more information. If the process is too cumbersome, recruits may not fill out the application at all.


When you want to find the most qualified candidates for open positions within your company, you have to use the best tools you can find for communication. While SMS texting won't be your only form of communication with potential job candidates, it is the best one. With the use of phone calls, emails and texting, you will be able to reach a job applicant almost instantly. Text messaging allows you to send out quick requests for information, and allows candidates to ask any questions they may have without making a phone call.



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