10 Tips to Get Started with Video as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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Time and time again we talk about the importance of adding videos to your marketing strategy. We have ThinkstockPhotos-468989564had many clients turn to us to create this channel for them and have seen a lot of success with it. The play button has become an international tool that indicates to children, adults and even seniors to touch the triangle to watch a compelling video…at the very least.

Hence, Jeff Jedras shares 10 tips for getting started with video in your marketing strategy given by Tyler Lessard, the CMO of Kitchener:

  1. When it comes to video editing and recording, keep it simple. You don’t need to invest in a ton of new equipment and software. Many PCs and Macs come with simple video editing software, such as iMovie, and many modern smartphones record video at 1080p.
  2. Be creative with your ideas, but also be realistic. You’ll get lots of great ideas, so focus on what you can do with resources available.
  3. Keep focused on the authenticity and value of your content. Feature real people with simple shoots, making crisp comments that are too the point and are valuable to your audience. Think in 60 to 120-second bursts; keeping it short will be harder than you think. Keep focused on your message.
  4. Improv is usually a bad idea – go in with a script. Ideally you want to storyboard your video ahead of time and script at least part of it. Film people in short bursts so they can memorize the script and you can cut it together.
  5. Let the camera roll when shooting testimonials, and takes lots of notes. You may get great soundbites you weren’t expecting, and your notes can help you find them later in that sea of raw video.
  6. Get your customers on video whenever you can; you can use the footage later in different ways for different things.
  7. Music and b-roll footage can make all the difference – you don’t want to have a talking head on screen for too long.
  8. Consider developing repeatable content series; something simple that, once you’ve developed the format, you can repeat again and again.
  9. Animated explainer videos are popular, and there are simple tools that make it easier to do than you think. Keep it simple: he’s a problem you may have, here’s our solution, here’s how it helps you.
  10. Just do it! If you’re not doing video today, just pick a project and jump in. Simple videos with customers, or employees talking about customer problems, can be a great place to start.


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