49 Email Marketing Tips for Beginners

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Marketers around the world rely on email as an important tool to stay connected within any type of ThinkstockPhotos-452416351business. The evolution of email has come such a long way that when email was first invented, no one knew that that same technology would one day be at everyone’s fingertips. Jack Simpson shares 49 email marketing tips that will help you jumpstart your email marketing strategy:

Getting started:
Define your audience
Split your email list into targeted segments
Always get permission from people before adding them to your email list
Read up on how to avoid spam filters
Invite people to sign up to your email list
Offer people something in return for signing up
Promote your email newsletter on social media
Don’t buy email lists from some dodgy data company

Tailor your content to a specific audience
Make it personal
Be human
Play to people’s emotions
Offer genuinely useful or timely information
Always include a call to action
Avoid long blocks of uninterrupted text
Use imagery
Make sure all your key messages are included in text format
Make it easy for readers to scan the content
Don’t use people’s names too often
Make sure your emails are properly branded
Include contact details
Include links, and double-check them
Put links in your images
Link to your social media accounts
Make sure the content is mobile-friendly
Ask for feedback

Subject Line:
Think carefully about your wording
Keep it short and punchy
Don’t use people’s names in the subject line
Personalize your subject line to the recipient’s town or city
Make each subject line unique
Offer people something
There are certain words you should never use
Use urgency
Asking questions can be effective
Make sure your subject line is relevant to your content
Experiment. Test. Repeat
Don’t forget the ‘from’ line

Proofread every email before it goes out
Always send a test email first
Send regular emails
Be consistent
Don’t overdo it on the frequency
Timing is everything

Managing your subscribers:
Send a welcome email to every new subscriber
Tell subscribers what to expect from future emails
Clean your email list regularly
Make it easy to unsubscribe

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