8 Surefire Ways To Ace Lead Generation On Social Media

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 11, 2016 6:26:04 PM / by Next Level Marketing Communications

Social media started off as a platform for business to build awareness of their brand and obtain a fanLead generation base. However, things have evolved in a more positive direction for business owners. The same platform allows for effective lead generation because all of the necessary information is right at your fingertips! Sahail Ashraf shares guiding principles based on various social media sites:

Twitter Cards - Purchase Twitter Cards and be sure to use a high quality image with your offer. You will be able to track information through Twitter’s tracking support.
Events – Organize a tweet meet where you can offer advice or information on any topic that your audience may want to know more about
Tracking – Build a strong fan base over time by retweeting tweets that say something good about your company and apologize to those that are tweeting negative tweets about your product or service

Comments and Engagement - Respond to comments so people will keep you top of mind, especially when they want to buy a good or service you provide
Hashtags – Use it as “micro-advertising” and focus on using a hashtag relevant to your business so people can find out more about your company.

Facebook Ads – This paid service is great to target a specific audience, use a high resolution image and track your analytics
Page – Customize your Facebook Page as much as you can by filling out all of the tabs and incorporating a call-to-action button


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