Less Than 10% Of Companies Are Using Marketing Automation, Here's Why

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 19, 2015 11:37:40 AM / by Next Level Marketing Communications

Several reports have indicated how valuable marketing automation is, however less than 10% of ThinkstockPhotos-458995307companies use this powerful tool. “Real marketing automation is a tool that allows marketing departments to more effectively market to multiple channels (usually social, blogging, email, landing pages, etc.) and automate certain tasks,” says Mike Templeman. He also mentions that email automation has been around for over a decade and tries to highlight why business still haven’t adopted this technology:

Onboarding - Because a true marketing automation system requires implementation with a company’s website, social media accounts, CRM, and a few other existing infrastructures, this can cause some smaller companies who don’t have the budget or time some heartburn
Fees - Because the marketing automation companies require the software to be implemented, they usually pass the costs of that implementation on to the customer.
Technicality - These automations actually require a lot of up-front work and must be maintained and optimized over time.

If you are a part of the over 90% companies that do not use marketing automation, contact us today to help you get started and easily increase your revenue!


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