Social Media Tips for Successful Marketing

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 1, 2017 9:00:00 AM / by Next Level Marketing Communications

Social media is a platform that allows us to connect with individuals worldwide.  If your company is not ThinkstockPhotos-623445626.jpgutilizing social media, you need to start immediately. There are many insightful individuals that can share tips and tricks with you to incorporate into your social media strategies including, Karen Repoli.  She suggests to use these tips to ensure social media success:

  1. Focus on one network when starting out. You can expand later.
  2. Create a Cover Photo that Reflects and Focuses on Your Specialty
  3. Use Share Buttons
  4. Ask for the Share
  5. Use Hashtags
  6. Provide Top-Quality Tips
  7. Illustrate your Posts and Links with Graphics
  8. Be Generous – Credit and Share.
  9. Don’t Over-Promote
  10. Develop Relationships with “Key Influencers”

Begin implanting these tips and start seeing your followers augment over time.



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