Social Media Tips for Successful Marketing

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Social media is a platform that allows us to connect with individuals worldwide.  If your company is not utilizing social media channels to build your brand, you need to start! 

Many marketing experts generously share free tips and tricks to incorporate into your social media strategies. Karen Repoli, of HIT Virtual is one of those savvy marketers.  She suggests these tips to ensure social media success: 
Social Media Tips

1. Focus on one network when starting out.

Start with a single social channel until you build up some consistent content. You can expand later.

2. Customize your cover photo.

Create a cover photo that reflects and focuses on your specialty.

3. Use share buttons.

Include social share buttons on your website and blog to make it easy for your visitors to share your content.

4. Ask for shares.

Sometimes you just have to ask!

5. Use hashtags.

Hashtags are a great way to group similar content together and generate more traffic to your posts.

6. Provide top-quality tips.

It's important to share content that is relevant and valuable to your followers.

7. Illustrate your posts and links with graphics.

Using visuals greatly enhances your social posts and improves the likelihood of likes and shares.

8. Be generous.

Give credit and share. It will come back to you!

9. Don’t over-promote.

This tip speaks for itself. Nobody wants to see over sharing.

10. Develop relationships with key influencers.

Key influencers can really help your brand through cross promoting.

Begin implementing these tips and start seeing your followers grow over time.



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